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Aashna has always had a knack for turnning the ordinary into the extraordinary.

“Since I was a little girl I always found myself in the art room at school, forever painting, drawing and trying to creating things - from selling flip flops I designed by sticking flowers and crystals to the birth of my first venture, House Of Cushions - where I designed cushions.

Even as a child, I would help my mom with her work- Designing our house. I spent endless hours arranging and rearranging the furniture until I was completely satisfied, choosing the colours for the curtains and playing with fabrics. I loved ideating interesting flower combinations for the house and putting them together. I was so fascinated with the whole concept of décor, designing and creating things that I would insist on repainting my room ever year - just to try new things!

I would attend several weddings with my parents and as they would disappear and head towards the food; I, usually starving and impatient, would patiently sit at the Mandap in awe of the two people about to spend their lives together and watch every little ritual with my eyes peeled.It helped me understand everything that went into that special moment and in the bigger picture, what the institution of marriage really meant.

Becoming a wedding designer and wedding planner was something I think I was born with - something I could not detach myself from, so after high school I decided to commit to learning more about my lifelong passion.

After 4 years of studying Performance Design and Practice from Central Saint Martin’s University, London, few months of living off the remainders of my assignments and years of thinking of a little space in which I could have an office and design every little aspect of its look and feel, I finally set out to pursue my dream, setting up my own.